Verdt å vite når du skal reise til Egypt.

Passport and visas

Be sure to check your passport well in advance to the departure date. Be sure that it is valid for at least six months after your return date and that it is whole and has no ripped or missing pages.

Travel Information

Be sure to leave your flight times, insurance details and an emergency mobile telephone number with someone at home.

It's a good idea to take with you a photocopy of your passport. Just in case you lose the original.

We need details of your Insurance policies. This means we can help you in they are lost or you have an accident and are in no condition to provide these when needed.


We recommend that you arrive at least two hours prior to departure for all flights that are booked through us.

Every customer is responsible for double checking the flight times on the ticket  issued and to show up on time. We take no responsibility for missed flights due to changes in flight times.


If you are a large group and wish to have an extra baggage allowance for your flight please contact us a minimum of three weeks prior to departure. Extra baggage allowance is paid for at the time of checking in.

The Standard allowance to Egypt is 20kg checked in and 10kg hand baggage.

Extra Luggage

Sterling flights have a extra allowance of 30 kilos which can be bought for app 200 NOK each way. It has to be paid for seperatly in Scanavavia and Egypt. It needs to be packed in a separate bag from your regular free baggage allowance. It is possible to take 3L pony or Rebreather Cylinders if they are empty.

Arrival in Egypt

As soon as you land in Egypt you will board a bus and make the short journey to the arrivals lounge. Once inside you must first pick up your Tourist visa (just 1 sticker in your passport) You will be given this by the Charter company Representitive you are flying with (Falke Laurtisen, Apollo, MY Travel, Spies, Tjæreborg, Pyramidene) or if you choose our Visa / meet option one of our representatives.

Next you pass through Immigration (to save time keep your passport open at the visa page as you will be asked to show it again before the baggage reclaim).

After picking up your baggage, make your way out of the airport. Pick up a copy of HELLO RED SEA magazine at the info stand, it's free and will give you a little local info. There is a duty free shop opposite the baggage reclaim to buy Alcohol.

Trolleys in the airport should now be free.

Directly outside the doors you will be met by a representative holding a sign with the name of your Boat/ Group. You are then taken directly by private transfer. The rep will ask for your passports which you will be given back onboard. Please keep these safe.

After the liveaboard you be transferred a hotel for your last evening, then next day to the airport. Please make sure you are ready in time and have your passport and ticket. If you have the last night onboard you will be transferred from the boat directly to the airport. We always allow extra time for check in, remember it's Egypt.



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