Verdt å vite når du skal på en liveaboard i Sudan.

Where will the boat depart from?

Sudan Safaris depart from  Port Galib in Egypt on Royal Evolution only, with charter flights to Hurghada.

All other bots depart  from Port Sudan in Sudan, with Scheduled flight via Cairo ( one night stopover each way)

You will be taken from the arrival airport to the boat by private air-conditioned transfer bus.


Alcohol and Duty Free

NO alcohol is to be taken into Sudan!!


Dive equipment.

Here is a list of equipment that all divers should have with them. Dive equipment is not included in the price.


BCD (don't forget weight pockets)

Regulator with an octopus


Wetsuit (3mm-5mm in the summer, 5-7mm in the winter)





Optional dive lamp (recommended)

Log book and dive insurance

Due to the nature of the sea with waves and currents, we highly recommend

that each diver have a surface marker buoy with them


Rental equipment

If you would like to rent equipment, it is essential that you speak with us at Red Sea Safaris at least 2 weeks prior to departure.  Available for rental is: BCD, regulator, computer (nitrox compatible), mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, boots, pony bottles, 15L and twin cylinders and Dive lamps.


Larger cylinders

15L and twin cylinders are available for rental if pre-booked.  Both are nitrox




Nitrox is available on all of our liveaboards.  On some boats we offer it for free.


Trimix / re-breathers

Some of our boats have trimix onboard. You can hire stage cylinders as well. We can supply scrubber material for re-breathers and cylinders for inspirations and Evolutions. We need at least 2 weeks notice so we can pre book the gas and equipment.



Cameras are welcome onboard and there is special rinse tanks, as well as tables for arranging your equipment.  After the dive you will be able to show everyone your pictures through the main TV in the saloon. The crews are used to handling camera equipment but please remember you are responsible for your own equipment.


Onboard services 

The crew and dive guides are on hand to help in anyway to make your stay as comfortable as possible. All our boats are air-conditioned. All have bedrooms with private bathrooms, usually a shower, toilet and washbasin. 

All of our boats are equipped with DVD players, TV's and a stereo system, and sometimes a library, and some board games.

Drinks are available 24 hours a day.



220v -  2 pin outlets are available onboard that suit your equipment. Electricity usually runs 24hrs per day.



The majority of cabins are twins, meaning that there are two single beds.  These are sometimes bunk style, but usually are beside each other with a mini-bar in between. Some of the boats have some double beds or suites available. Please contact us if you are interested in having one of these cabins. They are booked on a first come, first serve basis. Sometimes there is an extra charge for the suites.

A daily housekeeping service will clean your cabin, as well as provide a change of sheets and towels once through the week.


Toilets  Please, please, please onboard all boats DO NOT PUT toilet paper into the toilets, as it will eventually be flushed into the sea which is not nice for you or the fish. It also it may block the system.


Single cabins

You are welcome to book a cabin to yourself, but by doing this you are taking one space for another diver on the boat.  You will have to pay for this place, unless there are vacant cabins onboard. Please contact us for more information.



Apart from a couple of changes of clothes for traveling, life on board is informal so shorts and t -shirts are the norm during the summer. In the winter months Nov- March it's good to take along some jeans, sweatshirts, fleeces as well as the nights can be chilly.



A hand towel, bath towel and sheets are provided in every cabin. These will be replaced once during the week by the housekeeping staff.  We recommend you take a beach towel for sunbathing.



Three main meals a day are provided, as well as snacks between.  Usually a buffet with a choice of pasta, potatoes or rice, vegetables and meat dishes are served for lunch and Dinner.  Breakfast consists of mostly yoghurt, cereal, pancakes, toast, jam, eggs and juices. If you enjoy having snacks such as chips, cookies or candies with you, we suggest that you pack these and bring them along.


Special food requirements.

A vegetarian selection is available at every meal, but for those with special needs or allergies please contact us prior to departure.



Non-divers are welcome onboard, usually at a reduced rate depending on the boat you choose.All services are available to them and they will be able to partake in snorkeling when allowed by the captain or dive guides.  Please note that in certain areas the conditions are not suitable for snorkeling and therefore restrictions can be set upon these individuals.


Dive Deck

Onboard the dive deck is arranged for your convenience. The dive cylinders are in racks with seats in front. You take a cylinders and a place for the week. There will be a box for all your dive equipment located beneath the seat. Your BCD and Regulator will stay attached to the tank all week (unless you wish to wash them), and the crew will fill the cylinder after the dive. Hang your wetsuits to dry on the racks provided.

Please put everything back in your boxes after everydive to keep the dive deck clear and stop you losing masks, weigth belts etc.


A Typical day


05:30 Morning !Time for a little coffee and briefing

06:00 first dive to see sharks and other earlier risers

07:30 Breakfast

10:00 Dive briefing

10:30 Second dive

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Dive briefing

14:30 Third dive

16:00 Snack time!

17:30 Dive briefing

18:00 Fourth dive

19:30 Dinnertime


Dives per day

The average is 4 dives per day but night dives can be restricted in certain areas. It is always final decision of the captain and the dive guides as to how many dives are allowed.


The dive guides

There are two dive guides onboard all of our boats. These guides have extensive dive experience, as well as a wealth of knowledge of the sites that you will be visiting. The nationality of the guides is Egyptian, Swedish, Danish and British among others.

As soon as you are onboard the guides are responsible for you. Feel free to ask questions, or ask for help. If you are unhappy about something please talk to the guide so they can try to help.


Dive groups

Before every dive you will be given a full dive briefing about the dive location, safety, and things to see. All divers are recommended to dive in pairs and then may choose to follow in a group or leave some space in-between.  Generally the ribs that leave the main boat take separate groups therefore allowing for the divers to spread out underwater.


Courses available onboard

 Courses may be pre-booked or arranged while on the boat.  Several specialties are available such as night, wreck, drift, nitrox, photography and Fish ID to name a few.  Please contact us for more information.


Emergency Oxygen


All our boats have medical kits and at least 50l of Oxygen, often much more. Our dive guides are trained to handle any emergency situation that may arise.


Re-compression chambers


There are no chambers in Sudan at all. The nearest chambers are in Cairo or Jeddah on the daily scheduled flights out of Port Sudan. You will need proof of insurance for flights and recompression treatment; otherwise you could face a huge bill.

In the case of a diving Emergency or accident we will do everything in our power to continue the liveaboard route once we have got the victim into medical care. Red Sea Safaris takes no responsibility in disruption of the trip due to a medical emergency. All our boats have emergency plans in place in case of illness, accident or diving emergency.



Again the best Hospitals are outside of Sudan, however there is a Hospital in port Sudan if there is no other choice.



Although the boat has a general first aid kit, as well as tablets for sea/ motion sickness, there will not be enough for everyone, everyday.  We highly recommend that you pack a little medicine kit prior to departure.  Here are some suggestions of products that might be needed:

• Headache tablets

• Medicine for indigestion and upset stomach

• Sea/ motion sickness tablets

• Medicine for colds, congestion, ears

• Re-hydration powder


Crew tips

It is a tradition that has been around for many years and is highly appreciated by all crew members.

If you feel that you have received good service during your stay, then we recommend that you show your appreciation for their hard work.

Although you may choose yourself, the average tip is about €30 per guest.  This gets put into an envelope and is shared by the entire crew. Please remember the crew work very hard for little salary. The tips really do mean a lot.



Although the majority of things are included on the trip, you might choose to Sign up for a dive course, buy a t-shirt with the boat on it, or buy a beer or two Then there is the Crew tip that is traditional to leave on the last day.  We recommend  that you have US dollars or Euros with you.

Theft is never an option from our crew onboard, but as anywhere please keep your money and passports safe.


The last evening

Royal Evolutions trips will spend the last night in a Hotel in Hurghada.

For all boats departing from port Sudan the last evening will be spent on the boat.

You will be transferred from your boat to the airport in time for your flight home.



Remember the Dive Guides on board will help you with any situation that may arise and will provide you with any other local information you may need.


If you still have any questions regarding your trip please feel free to contact us.



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