Dykking i Zanzibar


Our partners Buccaneer Diving Zanzibar is located in Paje on the wonderful South East coast of Zanzibar Island. Away from the overcrowded beaches of Kiwengwa, Nungwi, and Kendwa, Paje is renown for its stunning beaches, unspoilt village life, small sized guesthouses and lodges. The stretch reaching from kizimkazi (south point of island, famous for dolphin spotting) through jambiani, paje, bwejuu, dongwe  to michamvi (which is situated on the eastern tip of chwaka bay),  is often refered to as the secret coast of zanzibar, where the real identity of the island is still preserved and untouched from mass tourism.

Nonetheless Paje and the neighbouring area offers a variety of bars, evening hangouts, restaurants and regular nightlife.

The diving around Paje is pristine with some of the finest corals to be found in East Africa. The protected natural lagoon which is only  ten minutes boat ride from the Buccaneer Diving base at the Arabian Nights hotel is a great choice for all levels of divers and accompagning snorkellers and it also means that we can offer a number of good safe and protected dives in the rougher monsoon and in general for beginners. The lagoon also is an ideal spot for nightdives.

In addition we have a number of sites on the outer reef within a 25-minute fast boat ride of our base offering a wide variety of topography ranging from walls, gentle slopes to caves and exciting marine life, some also suitable for beginners and some of which accessible only to more expert divers ...and we are always looking for more!

We also offer dives and snorkeling from our sister operation at the Swahili Beach Hotel in Kizimkazi in the South of the island. Kizimkazi is renowned for its dolphins and idyllic sand banks and a days diving followed by a seafood lunch is a must.

In addition to our special kizimkazi trip, we also organise a day trip to the atoll of mnemba, located in a marine park that is a great location both diving and snorkelling. Watch out for other seasonal special trips.

The Weather Conditions

East Africa is very much subject to the trade winds that blow along the coast. This does mean that we can predict with some degree of accuracy the diving conditions we can expect throughout the year.

Generally the best times for diving are October through to December and February through to late March with visibility up to 30 m.

The diving in August and September can be good in Paje and if the weather conditions do get rough there are a number of very good lagoon dives on offer.

Some Common Marine Life

Some of the fish you can expect to see at all sites are varieties of wrasse, angelfish, lionfish, scorpion fish, nudibranches, leaf fish, stingrays, sea cucumbers, snake eels, trumpet fish, moray eels, groupers, jackfish and more.


In our gardens and walls outside the reef we also find bigger fish like king fish, yellow fin tuna, baracudas, reef sharks, turtles, napoleon fish, from time to time dolphins and in season humpback whales.


Jeg ønsker å bestemme dato for reisen selv!



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